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La historia de la inmigración de EE. UU.: Datos (The History of U.S. Immigration: Data)

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Libro La historia de la inmigración de EE. UU.: Datos (The History of U.S. Immigration: Data)

Immigrants help make the United States a special place. Learn all about the history of immigration to the United States as you sharpen your data measurement skills! This Spanish math book seamlessly integrates the teaching of math and reading, and uses real-world examples to teach math concepts. Text features include images, a glossary, an index, captions, and a table of contents to build students' vocabulary and reading comprehension skills as they interact with the text. The rigorous practice problems, sidebars, and math diagrams extend the learning experience and provide multiple opportunities for students to practice what they have learned. The Math Talk section provides an in-depth problem-solving experience to challenge higher-order thinking skills. Packed with fun facts, this informational text supports ESL students and STEM education.

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  • Cathy D'alessandro
  • Noelle Hoffmeister


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