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Autor: Doris Miller

DIANE D In The Headlines is the 2nd book of the DIANE D Series. It involves headline and article scandals, sniper shootings, highway shootings, drunk driving arrests, weapons possession charges, fist fights, attacks, highway car chasings, motorcycle chasings, paralyzes, miscarriages, abortions, mental illness, split personality disorders, eerie spirit possessions and superhuman strength. It also involves Diane D and her deranged and dangerous cousin Dana, of DANGEROUS DANA A Suspense Thriller, being tossed and thrown behind bars together! Diane D and her cousin Dana are in jail for illegal weapons possession charges. Their lawyer is on the phone talking to Diane D. While he is talking to Diane D, he overhears Dana in the background hollering, cursing and swearing about him calling him every name in the book after he fails to get them bail! After the lawyer overhears Dana belittling him, he turns to Diane D and Dana’s family and threatens to quit and walk out on their case telling Diane D‘s family that he will represent Diane D, but not Dana! Diane D and Dana’s Grandfather Mike will not hear of it! He has a fit and tells the lawyer to either represent both Diane D and Dana or ...

Car Design

Car Design

Autor: Paolo Tumminelli

Número de Páginas: 400

With 400 pages, this reference work, published for the first time in this form, offers a comprehensive and informative look at the development of European, American and Japanense car design from 1947 to 2004. Past, present and future design trends are shown with examples of original photos from 370 series of vehicles and concept cars. A biographical overview of leading, international car designers is included. Book jacket.

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